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2016-10-01 Winnipeg Free Press

Here is a local link to the WFP article..

LES.NET has been pushing the Gigabites(sic) for a few years now… and as I have previously implied, marketing is not my strong point.

Despite the events over the last few days, I’m still happy to support the startup community in Winnipeg.

Waking up to see this article in the Winnipeg Free Press by Martin Cash was both existing and a little nerve rattling.

I wasn’t entirely sure how much of the entire story Mr. Cash would reveal, but I have to give it to him for laying it all out.

BTW Martin I’m volunteering to be the Free Press’s technical writing review agent!

Story is primarily accurate, but in all fairness, our service is 100 Megabit, 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit.   So compared to the propose 1 Gigabit service they others were promising, our high end service would be 10 times faster, not 100.

On the other hand, 25 and 50 Megabit packages are quite popular, so when you compare a Gigabit (1000 Megabits versus 25 or 50 Megabits) we’re still  20-50 times faster on the download speed, but still easily 200 times faster on the upload, which is important to certain industry segments.

Although I made a half-baked attempt to tell my story to the media, I have to give credit to a LES.NET customer, Derek H. and as well to Marty G.

Derek H. emailed Mr. Cash with a paragraph of the reality behind the Exchange and Alley and LES.NET’s Gigabits, and Marty G. got into the mix as well.

Finally, Jeff Ryzner, thanks for standing on that stage in “Disguise” in your spiffy Suit that day, and acknowledging it was a departure from your normal casual Jeans,etc attire…  it inspired me not to wear mine when the Free Press Photographer showed up 🙂