Winnipeg Data Center & Co-location Services

As companies grow, their needs for security, storage, and redundancy increase as well.

Data, whether it is customer records, or financial information, needs to be secured.

Traditional methods such as tape, and external drive backup just barely cover the basic necessities.

Most on site solutions end up being neglected, and forgotten, until that information is needed.

Only then do you realize that your information wasn’t as safe as you thought it was.

LES.NET offers secure data center and co-location services that won’t break the bank.

Conveniently located in central Winnipeg, LES.NET offers a solution that can accommodate the needs of any sized business.

  • Direct Internet Access

    From 10 Megabit to 20 Gigabit Connectivity.

  • Conditioned Backup Power

    Just the right amount of power, always available.

  • Monitored Climate Control

    Our climate systems are centrally monitored, keeping your servers cozy.

  • Carrier Neutral

    We’re nice people. We work with everyone.


    We offer 1RU+ (Rack Unit) to Full Cabinets.

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