Voice / SIP Trunking

SIP Trunks, Local DIDs, Toll-Free Numbers, International Long Distance.

SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is the staple of the modern day telephone network.

With ISP’s providing better uptime, and more consistent connections, utilizing that network becomes more affordable, and makes more sense than old style technology.

Creating a voice network within your business, one that extends to other locations, makes sense when it comes to seamless communication.

LES.NET offers you all the components to build your telephone service.

Define as many SIP trunks as you would like, enable or disable outbound calling, manage caller ID.

Attach some phone numbers to the lines and you are on your way to managing your own lines costs instead of depending on someone else to decide for you.

We are always there to offer advice, and suggest other partners if you need someone to build the phone system as well.

We have been Manitoba’s independent option to the Telco for years and NOBODY has more experience.

  • Canadian DIDs
    Setup Fee: $1.99

    Monthly Fee: $3.50 + $0.011/Minute

    Monthly Fee: $8.88

  • USA DIDs
    Setup Fee: $1.99

    Monthly Fee: $1.25 + $0.011/Minute

    Monthly Fee: $4.99

  • Toll-Free DIDs
    Setup Fee: $1.99

    Monthly Fee $2.50
    Usage Fee: $0.04/Minute

  • Outbound Calling

    Canada/USA Flat-Rate: $0.015/Minute

    International: Varies

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