Winnipeg Free Press Article

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2016-10-01 Winnipeg Free Press Here is a local link to the WFP article.. http://les.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/lesnet_wfp_20161001.pdf LES.NET has been pushing the Gigabites(sic) for a few years now… and as I have previously implied, marketing is not my strong point. Despite the events over the last few days, I’m still happy to support the startup community in Winnipeg. Waking up to see this article in …

New Website Launch v0.1

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We finally decided to publish a new front-end website.. The old site, despite being totally functional, was literally 11 years old.. and well, it kind of sucked, a lot. The old les.net site is now under https://portal.les.net (SSL Certificate is next..) Our new site (this one) has a quite of bit of work left to do, so expect to see …


Innovation Alley & The Promise of Gigabit

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I attended the Innovation Alley Block Party the other day. The Mayor was there, the Premier of the Province was there, and the CEO’s of MTS and Bell were there. It was quite an impressive block party I have to say… Frankly, I was expecting something a little lower-key, but it was quite over the top. A thousand people or …


New On-Net Building – 250 McDermot

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We’re close to having a substantial portion of the buildings on McDermot connected to LES.NET Yes.. 250 McDermot is now On-Net with LES.NET  


New On-Net Building – 123 Bannatyne

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I received a call from a friend who runs a local tech startup here in Winnipeg, they out grew their space and decided to lease a new space. Knowing that LES.NET provides awesome Internet he reached out to me and asked if we could get a connection dropped into the building.. SURE! I said.. We need it installed Tomorrow.. <silence….> Uhhhh ok? …


MBIX Second POP @ YWG2

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LES.NET has donated a couple strands of Dark Fiber to the Manitoba Internet Exchange! We deployed a nexus fabric extended at YWG2 and fired up 20 GIGABITS of connectivity back to the core MBIX switch! MBIX is the Manitoba Internet Exchange, a non-profit entity with a board of directors dedicated to seeing that Canada has, and controls its own Internet. http://mbix.ca/  


New On-Net Building – 136 Market

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We fired up the megabits to 136 Market today in preparation of Skip the Dishes moving to their new location as they expand! Fiber installation scheduled for sometime in late 2016, early 2017. For now, everyone will have to cope with only 500 megabits 🙂  


Internet Milestone

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Do you require the megabits?  How about the gigabits? 2,800 Megabits of new Internet provisioned in the last 4 months for new LES.NET customers!

New On-Net Building – 321 McDermot

Leslie Bester News

In the heart of Innovation Alley… and now On-Net with LES.NET! The fiber installation didn’t quite go as planned, so we threw a high speed microwave connection on the roof beaming the inter-bits back to our YWG2 data center. 500 Megabits for now..   We’ll make another attempt to pull in the fiber in the near future.