MBIX Second POP @ YWG2

Leslie Bester News

LES.NET has donated a couple strands of Dark Fiber to the Manitoba Internet Exchange! We deployed a nexus fabric extended at YWG2 and fired up 20 GIGABITS of connectivity back to the core MBIX switch! MBIX is the Manitoba Internet Exchange, a non-profit entity with a board of directors dedicated to seeing that Canada has, and controls its own Internet. http://mbix.ca/  


New On-Net Building – 136 Market

Leslie Bester News

We fired up the megabits to 136 Market today in preparation of Skip the Dishes moving to their new location as they expand! Fiber installation scheduled for sometime in late 2016, early 2017. For now, everyone will have to cope with only 500 megabits 🙂  


Internet Milestone

Leslie Bester News

Do you require the megabits?  How about the gigabits? 2,800 Megabits of new Internet provisioned in the last 4 months for new LES.NET customers!