LES.NET provides Transit to MBIX

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As a founding member of MBIX, LES.NET has donated a Gigabit of Internet to the Manitoba Internet Exchange http://mbix.ca/ in order to start feeding the Akamai cache and support the CIRA root DNS servers. Akamai is a popular content delivery network used by companies like CBC, TSN and Facebook. With Akamai online at MBIX, customers who use an Internet Service Provider that is a …


Welcome to the world of 10 Gigabit

Leslie Bester News

LES.NET recently committed just under $250,000 to help bring Hurricane Electric to Winnipeg! HE.net is the worlds largest IPv6 Internet Service Provider. We are now interconnected with HE at 10 Gigabits, and can finally turn off our Bell connection. This type of connection and the economics behind it are a total game changer for the landscape of Internet in Winnipeg. Can you say…. fiber optic …