New On-Net Building – 318 McDermot

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After a failed fiber optic installation to 318 McDermot, we decided to go with high speed microwave to deliver service to our newest On-Net building. It seems that the duct/conduit that feeds this building was filled with concrete many years ago when they re-did the sidewalks, so a fiber installation was cost prohibitive. We’ve pushed 500 megabits of bandwidth into this …

New On-Net Building – 275 McDermot

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We completed the Fiber Optic installation into the Reiss Furs building at 275 McDermot today. This building is adjacent to our most recent Fiber Optic installation at 70 Arthur. Internet services are available at speeds of 100 Megabit and 1 Gigabit.  

New On-Net Building – 70 Arthur

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Happy to announce that LES.NET has extended its Fiber Optic Network to bring 70 Arthur “on-net” with LES.NET AND we have our first 100 Megabit and 1 Gigabit customers connected! 70 Arthur is located in the Exchange District of Downtown Winnipeg.  

YWG2 Data Center Opens

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After nearly a year of construction, our second data center is online!    We’re calling it YWG2. This new data center is part of our 10 year facilities plan. The site features: conditioned backup power raised floors redundant air conditioning video surveillance card access environmental sensors with central station monitoring redundant switching redundant ipv4/ipv6 routing    

Manitoba Research Network (MRNet) joins MBIX

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MBIX is pleased to announce that MRNet, the Manitoba Research Network, has connected to MBIX, and is now peering on IPv4 and IPv6. It should be pointed out that MRNet actually joined at the end of August, making this post delayed from actual connection time. MRNet has connected at 1 Gbps, but after an equipment upgrade, plans to upgrade to …

MBIX to the rescue!

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The Winter Olympics blew the socks off some Internet Service Providers in Manitoba recently.. During the Mens Curling Gold Metal game..  the internet pipes got clogged with some local providers… (They weren’t members of MBIX…) Akamai is a content delivery network.. they provide caches of frequently accessed content, and store it on clusters of servers located at the edges of the Internet… (ie: …

New ON-NET Building – 70 Albert

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70 Albert is now “On-Net” with LES.NET Tenants of 70 Arthur now have access to 100 Megabit and 1 Gigabit based fiber optic Internet! LES.NET welcomes LUMO Interactive Display Development to the LES.NET network! Visit their website to check out the cool things they’re doing!

CIRA turns up BGP at MBIX

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CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority is now connected to MBIX! AND they have deployed a root .ca domain server! Very shortly, customers who use an ISP that is a member of MBIX will enjoy near zero latency DNS resolution for .ca domain names!  

MBIX in the news again!

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Brian Jackson with has published an article about MBIX! Here it is…