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Winnipeg WiFi

LES.NET (1996) INC. operates a free WiFi Hot-Spot in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

The Hot-Spot covers the area between Edmonton St and Fort. St, centered down Broadway.

Click here for a Map Quest View

Access is available at Starbucks, The Fyxx Espresso Bar, Kave Cafe, The Sheraton Hotel, Ft. Gary Hotel, Chateau 100 Apartments, Ft. Gary Apartments, and many other locations inbetween

Access Requirements

You must have a computer equiped with an 802.11b WiFi Card.

Once you are in range, associate with 'freeaccess.les.net' and start surfing. You will be re-directed to an instruction page on how to continue the setup procedure.

Support Information

Because this is a free service, no technical support is available.

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